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Duathlon & Triathlon Training Plans

I love these sports, nothing is quite like the feeling of finishing a multi sport event. As a Kona IRONMAN world championship qualifier I know it can be difficult getting just the right balance of 2 or 3 sports, not to mention doing that alongside bringing up children and work. As multi-sport participants we know we can't afford to waste time on training sessions that are not going to bring us closer to our goals.

Evolve Endurance Coaching training plans have helped athletes complete their first Standard distance triathlon right through to qualifying for British championships. Personalised plans provide structure, accountability & expert coaching knowledge at an affordable price

Suzy Hawkins Duathlon and Triathlon Coach

Multi Sport Training Plans

  • Duathlon or Swimrun

    Every month
    Monthly Duathlon or Swimrun Training Plan & Accountability
    • Personalised Duathlon or Swimrun Plan via Training Peaks
    • Bi weekly support call
    • Flexible plan with unlimited changes as required
    • Training Peaks premium access worth over £150 per year
  • Triathlon Plan

    Every month
    Monthly Triathlon Training Plan & Accountability
    • Personalised triathlon training plan via Training Peaks
    • Bi weekly coaching call
    • Unlimited contact and plan changes
    • Training Peaks premium access worth over £150 per year

Duathlon and Triathlon training plans are purchased online. Once I receive a notification that a new plan has been purchased I will contact you to arrange an initial call to discuss your needs & goals. It's important for us to have this call so I can get to know you and understand your lifestyle and training goals. 


If you'd like to speak to me before purchasing a plan then please contact me and I'll be happy to answer any questions that you might have.  

How do you develop the multi sport training plans?

 I work with the athletes' available time strengths, weaknesses and aspirations to build the plan so they arrive at the start line confident they are the best version of themselves. 

Plans are delivered every 2 weeks via the Training Peaks app, the previously completed sessions are reviewed and built on depending on how the athlete tells me they feel as well as what the data is telling me. The plan is adjusted and provided for the next 2 weeks. 


By using a personalised training plan much of the unknown elements of training for a multisport event are eliminated.  Athletes are confident that they're getting the right balance between sports, the ideal amount of rest recovery and that training intensity is optimal to deliver them in peak fitness on race day. 


Athletes are not restricted in the amount of contact or changes to the plan, and are invited to have a progress call every 2 weeks. 

Discuss goals

& preferences

2 week plan


Athlete completes


Coach analyses


Adjusted 2 week

plan provided

Recent Athlete Success 

  • Emma Sclanders won her AG in the Herts standard distance triathlon in 2:29

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