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The Importance of Strength & Conditioning for Endurance Athletes

It is a sad truth that many runners and triathletes spend time out of the sport they love because they are simply not strong enough. A massive 70% of runners will have a minimum of 2 weeks away from their sport due to injury. Strength and conditioning has been shown to reduce the risk of overuse injury by up to 50% (Laursen et al, 2013)

Strength training is a important part of any athletes training stimulus, but especially true for women who start with less muscle mass than men and can lose this at a rate of 3% per decade from around the age of 30. This loss of lean mass can then be exacerbated during peri and post menopause giving greater training challenges if we do not understand and train to counteract these changes. 

We are not just avoiding injury by adding resistance training into our program, it can significantly improve our performance. We propel ourselves forward by producing a force on the ground, peddle, water or so on. The greater the muscle mass that produces that force, the greater the speed is generated, simple right?


Adding S&C into my own training regime has seen my times and time on the side lines come down significantly. I love passing on this knowledge & experience and incorporating strength training into the programmes of the athletes that I coach. 

Suzy Hawkins Triathlon Coach Strength Training Plan

Benefits of Strength & Conditioning in Endurance Training

Reduces time out of training

Counteract the impacts of ageing

Reduces the risk of injury

Build muscle mass

Proven to improve performance

Increase race speed

Train with me

Train With Me

Evolve Endurance Caoching Group Strength & Conditioning Class.jpeg

Group Athlete Strength & Conditioning

A fun outdoor group session with like minded athletes. A great way to incorporate S&C into your training plan

Wednesday 07:00

St Nicolas Park, Stevenage

£23 - 4 sessions

Suzy Hawkins Personal Trainer Squat Coaching

1:1 Personal Training

1:1 bespoke tapered progressive training. With all eyes on you and your goals in a super well equipped personal training unit

Enquire for availability 

Fitsolution Training, Hitchin


Suzy Hawkins Running Coach

1:1/Small Group Run Sessions

45-60 minutes face to face run coaching. A bespoke session suited to your individual running goals and experience. These sessions are great for accountability and keeping focus.

Enquire for availability 

Stevenage & Hitchin


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