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Running Training Plans

I have helped runners set personal best from 1 mile to ultra marathons. Runners whose goal is to run a parkrun in under 30 min right the way through to & women going under 3 hours for a marathon. Men and women setting championship times and national Age group representation.

Evolve Endurance Coaching training plans helped all of these athletes achieve their goals by giving them structure, accountability & expert coaching knowledge personalised to their individual running goals.  

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  • Running Plan

    Every month
    Monthly Running Training Plan & Accountability
    • Personalised run training plan delivered via Training Peaks
    • Any distance - 5km, 10km, Half, Full & Ultra Marathon
    • Bi weekly accountability call
    • Training Peaks premium access worth over £150 per year

Running plans are purchased online. Once I receive a notification that a new plan has been purchased I will contact you to arrange an initial call to discuss your needs & goals. 


If you'd like to speak to me before purchasing a plan then please contact me.  

How do you develop the run training plan?

By working with the athletes own goals, their individual strengths, weaknesses, preferences, available training time, and response to training stimulus a personal periodised, polarized plan is provided every 2 weeks.


The sessions completed are reviewed considering all the data: heart rate, cadence, pace, stride length, and athletes feedback on how they felt. Depending on these results the plan is adjusted and provided for the next 2 weeks. 

Plans are provided in a digital format and are compatible with most Garmin watches. This brings an extra level of personalisation, it is as if I am there with them coaching “pick up the pace”, or “go easy” from their wrist. 


By using a personalised training plan all the guesswork in training is totally eliminated. This leaves athletes safe knowing the right amount of rest recovery and  training intensity to create positive adaptations in their particular phase of training that will deliver them in absolute peak fitness on race day. 


Athletes are not restricted in the amount of contact or changes to the plan, and are invited to have a progress call every 2 weeks. 

Discuss goals & preferences

2 week plan provided

Athlete completes runs

Coach analyses performance

Adjusted 2 week plan provided

Recent Athlete Success 

  • Michelle Reeves ran an incredible sub 3 hour marathon at Dorny Lake in 2:58. Well inside British marathon qualifying time.

  • Ben Pirie ran the Manchester Marathon and achieved a PB with a time of 3:05 beating his previous PB by 17 mins. 

  • Nicky Rowe ran her first marathon in a great time of 4:47, a fantastic achievement. 

  • James Parsons ran a massive PB at Manchester marathon October 2021 in 2:54.

  • Kelvin Beyioku came 6th at Hitchin 10km in 36:42 in his first go at the distance

"Humans evolved to be endurance runners, we no longer need to hunt down prey, but it remains the most magical simple form of exercise. Without the motivation and variation of paces required for survival to chase and down antelope, the next best thing is a personalised training plan, individually tailored to bring out the best in each athlete, that brings you into peak fitness and ready to fill your potential on race day."

Suzy Hawkins

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