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Run Technique Course

Who wants to run faster, and reduce risk of injury with no extra effort?

Running like tennis, golf or scuba diving is a skill that we can practice, develop and improve. If you were to take up or want to improve almost any other sport you would likely have lessons with a professional who is trained. However many runners feel we should inherently know how to run. It is true humans have evolved to run, the success of our species has relied on our ability as endurance runners.

Our run technique course will help you quickly adapt and improve your technique helping you to maxmise the output of every stride. 

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What does the Running Technique Course Include? 

  • Run Technique Course

    Perfect your running technique to improve performance
    Valid for 3 months
    • 2 x 1 hour run technique group coaching sessions
    • Stevenage
    • Before video analysis of current form
    • After video analysis of your new improved technique
    • Video resources to revist
    • Sat July 2nd and 16th 10:00am

The Run Technique Course is very popular and runs regularly throughout the year. Please check the dates alongside the course details to see if you can make our next course. 

The course runs across 3 dates where we will analyse and work on your run technique, completing the course with analysis of your new improved technique. 

Secure your place on the course by purchasing the Run Technique Course on line. If you don't receive an email confirmation with details of the course then please check your junk email or contact me.  

Run Course Booking

But why do I need to learn how to run?

Over time our natural movement and instincts change and become overridden by our everyday modern living behaviours. We loose our ability to truly connect with the ground and move our bodies in the most effective way for maximum output. Children while playing can demonstrate how wonderfully we can move, however by the time we reach adulthood our natural movement is often changed. Reviewing how we run as an adult and making a conscious effort to change our movement patterns can help us to get closer to once again achieving more natural and effective movement patterns. 

If you ever noticed how easy great runners make it look, but wondered why you find it so difficult, or if you are looking for marginal gains in your performance then the run technique course is for you. Still not convinced? Scroll down to take a look at what some of our previous athletes had to say about the course.

Athlete Feedback - Evolve Endurance Coaching Run Technique Course

I took part in Suzy’s running technique course after reaching a stage where I was happy with my running but knew that my form wasn’t right. Suzy’s course was a real eye opener and a game changer for me. 
Suzy explained each stage clearly, building up the drills and answering every question we threw at her. Her feedback is concise and encouraging,  with the videos giving you the visual feedback you need. 
18 months on and I still find myself performing some of the drills, not all of them (sorry Suzy) and I truly believe that the course has improved my efficiency and understanding no end. 
My goal was to run faster without having to run harder and without a doubt this course has helped me achieve that. 
100% recommend this course to runners of any level."

Steve Dobner

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